Working/Thinking/Learning Styles:
"The Egg"
There are nine sets of four words listed below (going ACROSS, not down). Rank order each set of four words assigning a 4 to the word which best characterizes you, a 3 to the word which next best characterizes you, a 2 to the next most characteristic word, and a 1 to the word that is least characteristic of you. Be sure to assign a different rank number to each of the four words in each set --- no ties! When you are finished, put in your name and click the submit button.

A. discriminating tentative involved practical
B. receptive relevant analytical impartial
C. feeling watching thinking doing
D. accepting risk-taker evaluative aware
E. intuitive productive logical questioning
F. abstract observing concrete active
G. pressure-oriented reflecting future- oriented pragmatic
H. experience observation conceptualization experimentation
I. intense reserved rational responsible

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